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Marais Viljoen


There are currently two annual competitions available for the English Orators, the first one being is the “High School Public Speaking Festival”. It is organized by the Speech and Drama College (SA). They are very innovative when it comes to deciding on topics for the festival.

The festival is divided into a section for the juniors - Grades 7 to 9 – and a section for the seniors – Grades 10 to 12 and the topics for the two sections differ.

The competition is set up as follows:

  • Impromptu Speeches;
  • Prepared Speeches;
  • Prestige Team;
  • Individual Speakers.

Orators enter in teams of (preferably) four or three speakers and only two teams may be entered per grade. The Prestige Team may only consist of three experienced senior orators.

The festival takes place during the first term and it is always a challenge to get the teams sorted out by the deadline for the entries.

The second annual competition is the "Eastern Interschools Public Speaking League" hosted by the National Arts Association.  The competition is age - oriented and gives learners the opportunity to develop their talents, to improve public speaking and to open the art of public performance to the learners.  The top 5 learners from each grade may enter, and there are no prescribed themes of speech topics.  The competition is during the third term.

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