Hoërskool Marais Viljoen High


Marais Viljoen

Atletiek / Athletics


Marais Viljoen Athletics compete against various schools in the first term. Our top athletes also get opportunities to participate in the elite Noordheuwel Top 15 and Prestige Top 10 competitions.

Uitslae van 2015:

  • Prestige College Top 10

          In Medium Skole Kompetisie behaal ons 'n 5de plek.

  • Noordheuwel Top 15

          In hierdie kompetisie behaal ons 'n 12de plek uit 28 skole.

Inter High is a very important athletics meeting for our school and also the pinnacle of our competitive phase. In 2015 our girls' team proudly achieved 35 medals at the Inter High and we achieved an overall fourth place at the PUK Inter High Group 3 meeting. However, our aspiring athletes also get an opportunity to excel individually at the Greater Alberton Championships and depending on the results, consequently at the D6 (53 of our athletes participated at this championships in 2015) and Gauteng Championships.

Marais Viljoen is in 2015 aangewys as die beste atletiek skool in D6 en Amourè le Roux die beste dogtersatleet. Sewentien atlete van ons skool verteenwoordig D6 by die Gauteng Kampioenskappe en drie atlete neem aan die SA Kampioenskappe deel (twee van hierdie atlete neem aan die SA Skole Kampioenskappe deel, twee van hierdie atlete aan die SA Jeug Kampioenskappe en twee van hierdie atlete aan die SA Senoir Kampioenskappe).

We are fortunate to have excellent and highly qualified coaches with us:


Mr Les Archer


Mr Daanyaal Singh


Speed: Mr Les Archer/Singh


Technique: Ms An-Mari Putter

Shotput Ms Suritha Prevoo
Discus Ms Sarita van der Lith

Mr Gawie Louw


Mr Jaco du Preez

High Jump Mr Reyno Steenekamp
Long Jump Ms Lichelle Pekelharing
Middle Distances Mr Johan Matthysen

Mr Deon Swanepoel is a private coach - stick to his times.

Relay training - co-ordinator Mr Paul Els.

Coaches will be assisted by event managers who will monitor all attendance of athletes. If athletes do not practice, they cannot participate and that principle will be maintained during our season. The Inter High team will be chosen according to times and distances of 2015.

Byeenkoms Bestuurder
Naellope & Hekkies

Mev. C. Hattingh


Me. D. Zwecker (Hulp)

Verspring Me. L. Pekelharing
Hoogspring Mev. M. Ferreira
Diskus Me. S. van der Lith
Spiesgooi Me. L. Oosthuizen
Gewigstoot Mev. C. Feuth
Middelafstande Mev. M. van Zyl

2016 Atletiekbyeenkomste:

23 Februarie
  Datum: Byeenkoms Plek
1  15 Januarie Gr8 Uitdunne Marais Viljoen
 2 18 Januarie Huissport vs Linden Boksburg
 3 22 Januarie Jeugland Massa Byeenkoms Jeugland
 4 29 Januarie Linden UJ
 5 2 Februarie Uitsig Aflos Tuks
 6 5 Februarie Potch Volkskool Mc Arthur Potchefstroom
 7 10 Februarie Noordheuwel Top 15 UJ
 8 12 Februarie Hoërskool Driehoek DP de Villiers
 9 17 Februarie Prestige Top 10 Byeenkoms Pilditch
10 23 Februarie Interhoër Germiston
11 25 Februarie Greater Alberton Germiston
12 29 Februarie D6 District Germiston

Please take note of the following:

1) All information will be posted on the announcement board at the Sports Office. As soon as information is received, we will ensure that it is made available for our learners. Athletes must ensure that they know about all arrangements and give the information to their parents. Unfortunately we cannot contact each parent individually with information. All athletes information will also be available on our website or download the D6 Communicator App on your cell phone (Mobi Link: http://schoolcommunicator.mobi)

2) To improve communication, Whatsapp groups will be created per event. Athletes must ensure that their personal cellphone numbers or the cellphone number of a parent is given to the athletics co-ordinator. If the number changes, please inform the sport office immediately.

3) Ons atletiekklere kan gekoop word by The Shop.

Note that we have a vest and proper ski-pants (no other ski-pants are allowed) for the track athletes and a sleeved shirt and the 100% blue shorts for the field athletes. The official Marais Viljoen tracksuit can be worn with the athletics attire - no other tracksuits or fleecy tops area allowed.

4) ALL athletes will pay for bus transport!!!  Without a ticket no athlete will be allowed to travel by bus. Tickets MUST be bought from the Sports Office by Wednesday break prior to the meeting. No tickets will be given without a payment.

5) If learners travel with parents upon their return from meetings, please ensure that a letter to this regard, is given to Mrs. E. van Rooyen before the day of the event.

6) Outstanding performance collar pins will be awarded according to the fixed criteria:


1) If an athlete's performance per athletics meeting results in the athlete being on the shool's Top 20 performance list


2) If an athlete's individual performance is:

  • 700+ points - athlete receives a yellow pin
  • 800+ points - athlete receives a blue pin
  • 900+ points - athlete receives a white pin
  • 1000+ points - athlete receives a gold pin


The Athletics season was busy and full of abundance.  We had a pre- season testing opportunity, preseason- gymnasiumpreparatory sessions, sport psycology sessions to prepare ourselves mentally, an inter-color meeting with Hoërskool Linden, many athletics meetings and an overal 2nd position at the PUK Interhigh Group 3.
Ons atlete het hard gewerk en hul positiwiteit was beslis wat hul uitmuntend laat presteer het.

Die Groter Alberton span, wat 55 van ons skool se atlete ingesluit het, het aan die D6 kampioenskappe deelgeneem.  Die D6 span, wat 34 van ons atlete ingsluit het, het aan die Gauteng Kampioenskappe deelgeneem. Agt van ons atlete het Gauteng verteenwoordig by die SA Skole Kampioenskappe in Bloemfontein waar hulle uitmuntend presteer het.

Atletiek afrigters verbonde aan ons skool:

  • Mnr. J du Preez (Spiesgooi)
  • Mnr. J. Mattysen (Middelafstande)
  • Mev. L. Jacobs (Verspring en Versus)
  • Mev. S. Van der Lith (Diskus en Versus)
  • Mnr. P. Els (Aflosse)
  • Mnr. D. Jacobs (Aflosse)
  • Mnr. A. van Dam (Aflosse)
  • Me T. van Heerden (Versus)

2016 Spanbestuur:

  • Mnr. R. Beck
  • Me E. van Rooyen

Deel van die PUK prestige Interhoër span:

  • Ethan Harselman
  • Johan van der Westhuizen ( 8A65)
  • Ettienne Geldenhuis (8A37)
  • Frohan Henning (8A67)
  • Owethu Xaba (9E31)
  • Christo van der Merwe (10A10)
  • Dylan Beukes (11A38)
  • Zandré du Preez (12A66)
  • Ruan van Staden (12A66)
  • Dirk Steinberg (11A08)
  • Hannes Pretorius (12A66)
  • Anton Rancati (12A24)
  • Anne Klut (8A18)
  • Sujané Gereke (8A18)
  • Sheneca Sith (8A18)
  • Kiara Meyer (8A07)
  • Soné Pieterse (8A65)
  • Erin Thomson (8A27)
  • Lindsey Smith (8A18)
  • Arochele du Plessis (10E06)
  • Miandri Bothma (10A13)
  • Kira Dyzel (8A18)
  • Demi van Re3nsburg (10A56)
  • Kerry Lea Esterhuizen - verlaat skool
  • Roné Pretorius (10A05)
  • Bianca Pelser (11A15)
  • Michelle de Necker (11A40)
  • Tamaryn Vos (11A35)

1ste, 2de of 3de plek by PUK prestige Interhoër

  • Deané Hatting (8A07)
  • Aimée Voortman (8A67)
  • Ettienne Geldenhuis (8A39)
  • Frohan Henning (8A67)
  • Fc Kotze (8A63)
  • Darian Stewart (8E55)
  • Robert Rugg (10E52)
  • Toinette Marais (10A05)
  • Mathilda van der Bergh (11A40)
  • Tanya Vissagie (11A15)
  • Justin Rossouw (11A15)
  • Joke Klut (11A40)
  • Dee-Anne Barnard (1A25)

700 en hoër punte by PUK Prestige Interhoër

  • Divan Oosthuyse (10A60)
  • Paul Parsons (10A10)
  • JC Pitzer (11A15)

Lid van Groter Albertonspan na D6 Kampioenskape

  • Elize Marie Beck (8A67)
  • Samuel Gray (8E27)
  • Rikus Swanepoel (8A07)
  • Jaimee Prins (9E31)
  • Ronan Bernard ( 9E21)
  • Philip Malan (9E49)
  • Franco Pretorius (9E64)
  • Derik van Zyl (9A49)
  • Pieter Willemse (9A62)
  • Nayton Young (9A62)
  • Bianca Britz (10A56)
  • Zeané Woest (10A60)
  • Gustav de Lange (10A10)
  • Enrico Els (10A60)
  • Bradly Jonker (10A05)
  • Jaco Kruger (10A13)
  • Sunel Oliver (11A15)
  • Carla Venter (11E57)
  • Alicia Schmidt (12A47)
  • Calvin Diepenaar (12E36)
  • Eduan Taljaard (12A66)

Lid van die groter Albertonspan & Lid van Distrikspan na Gauteng Kampioenskappe

  • Tayla Berning (8E55)
  • Arno Jansen van Vuren (8A07) - seun Spronge-atleet van die jaar.
  • Nicolette Bezuidenhout (9A49)
  • Zanéll Blignaut (9A49)
  • Xina Eksteen (9A64) - dogters Worpe-atleet van die jaar
  • Anuske Prinsloo (9A49)
  • Jenni Very (9A49)
  • Rynardt Bezuidenhout (9A62)
  • Henko Black (9A59)
  • J. D. Prinsloo (9A49) - Juni0r Victor Ludorum 2016
  • Owethu Xaba (9E31)
  • Arochelle du Plessis (10E06)
  • Charné Berning (10E52)
  • Charlize Kotze (10A13)
  • Shanell Kotze (10A13)
  • Marli Mulder (10A10)
  • Zjanri Ruthven (10A13)
  • Monique van Deventer (10A13)
  • Thabo Viti (10E61)
  • Austin Nepgen (11E58)
  • Kala Boysen (12A25)
  • Nicole Pretorius (12A66)
  • Leché Sales (12A47)
  • Zander Coetzer (12A66)
  • Ethan Geldenhuis - verlaat skool

Lid van sentraal Gautengspan na SA Skole Kampioenskappe

  • Danielle Leanord (9A59) - Dogter Spronge-atleet van 2016
  • Simoné Mulder (11A08)

Lid van Sentraal Gautengspan na SA Jeugkampioenskappe

  • Carla Hatting (9A49) - Marais Viljoen Junior Victrix Ludorum 2016
  • Robbie Louw - verlaat skool
  • Lizo Sebeko (12E36) - Boy middle distance athlete of 2016 ; Marais Viljoen:Senior VictorLudorum 2016

Lid van Sentraal Gautengspan na SA Senior Kampioenskappe

Gawie Louw (verlaat skool)

  •  Seun Naelloop Atleet van 2016; Seun Hekkies Atleet van 2016; Marais Viljoen Seuns Atleet van 2016
  •  SA Skole Kampioenskappe: 2de Plek in 400m en 1ste plek in die Aflos Medly
  • SA Jeug Kampioenskappe: 5de plek in die 400m
  • SA Senior Kampioenskappe: algehele 2de plek in 10 kamp

Nicole van der Merwe (12A24)

  • Middel Afstand Atleet van 2016
  • SA Skole Kampioenskappe : 4de plek in die 1500m, 1ste plek in die 3000m, 1ste plek in die 5000m
  • SA Jeug Kampioenskappe: 3de plek in 1500m, 1ste plek in 3000m en 1ste plek in 5000m
  • SA SeniosKampioenskappe: 6de plek in die 5000m
  • SA 10Km kampioenskappe: 2de plek
  • Internasionale deelname vir landloop te Cameroon

Amoré le Roux (12A66)

  • Dogter Naelloopatleet van 2016; Dogter Hekkiesatleet van 2016; Marais Viljoen: Senior Victrix Ludorum 2016; Marais Viljoen: Beste dogtersatleet van 2016; Marais Viljoen Atleet van 2016
  • SA Skole Kampioenskappe: (Driekuns Behaal) 1ste plek in die 400m, 1ste plek in die 400m hekkies, 1ste plek vir die 4x400 m aflos
  • SA Jeug Kampioenskappe: 2de plek in die 400m, 2de plek vir die 4x400m
  • SA Senior Kampioenskappe: 8ste plek in die 400m
  • Uitnodigings na die ASA byeenkomste in Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein en Polokwane
  • Verteenoordig SA in Zambië in 400m en 4x400m aflos


Prestasies van vroeer jare:

 2014 Nonhlanhla Dlamini Central Gauteng
2014 Armourè le Roux Central Gauteng
 2014 Kucho  Fallert Central Gauteng
 2014 Simphiwe Tefo  Central Gauteng
 2014 James Majenge  Central Gauteng
 2014 Armourè le Roux SA Schools Team
 2014 Nicole van der Merwe  SA Schools Team
2013 Ruan Mentz SA Schools Champion
2013 Nicole van der Merwe SA Schools Medalist
2013 Olivia Jordaan Gauteng
2013 Nyakallo Mokothu Gauteng
2013 Simphiwe Tefo Gauteng
2013 Tiaan Hitzeroth Gauteng
2013 Armoure Le Roux Gauteng
2013 Taneal Otto Gauteng
2013 Steve Shongwe Gauteng
2013 Simphiwe Tefo Central Gauteng
2013 Makgotso Nhlapo Central Gauteng
2013 Steve Shongwe Central Gauteng
2013 Tshepo Leeto SA Clubs Medalist
2013 Kucho Fallert Central Gauteng
2013 Tharien Erasmus SA Clubs Medalist
2012 Nicole van der Merwe SA Schools Medalist
2012 Bonokhule Buthelezi Gauteng
2012 Nonhlanhla Dhlamini Gauteng
2012 Kyle Klopper Gauteng
2012 Simphiwe Tefo Gauteng
2012 Kucho Fallert Gauteng
2012 Tshepo Leeto Gauteng
2012 Olivia Jordaan SA Schools Medalist
2012 Ruan Mentz SA Schools Champion
2012 Martha Diamond Gauteng
2011 Ta-Mär Diamond Gauteng
2011 Martha Diamond Gauteng
2011 Bonokhule Buthelezi Gauteng
2011 Jade Thiele SA Schools Champ
2010 Jade Thiele Gauteng
2010 Ruan Mentz Gauteng
2009 Lohann van Wyk Gauteng
2009 Patrick Vosloo SA Schools Team
2009 Bevin Smith SA Schools Team
2009 Patrick Vosloo Gauteng
2009 Chanel Fourie Gauteng
2009 Martha Diamond Gauteng
2009 Patrick Vosloo SA Schools Team
2008 Bevin Smith Gauteng
2008 Lelani Kruger Gauteng
2008 Eugene Le Maitre Gauteng
2008 Patrick Vosloo Gauteng
2007 Bevin Smith SA Schools Team
2006 Bevin Smith Gauteng
2006 Hardus Viljoen Gauteng
2006 Bevin Smith SA Schools Team
2005 Beninca Botha Gauteng
2005 Christine Ras Gauteng
2005 Donne Coetzee Gauteng
2005 Jeanica Bouwer Gauteng
2005 Lelani Kruger Gauteng
2005 Patrick Vosloo SA Schools Team
2004 Hannes Dreyer Gauteng
2004 Ruan Zaaiman Gauteng
2004 Wesley McEwan Gauteng
2004 Nicky Bouwer Gauteng
2003 R Kleinhans Gauteng
2003 Madelein Lamprecht Gauteng
2003 Christine Ras Gauteng
2003 Jeanice Bouwer Gauteng
2003 Mesley McEwan Gauteng
2003 Rory Rodriques Gauteng
2003 Monique Coetzee Gauteng
2003 Rudolf Heyns Gauteng
2003 Pieter de Villiers Gauteng
2001 Madelein Lamprecht Gauteng
2001 Adriaan Knoetze Gauteng
2001 Pierre de Villiers Gauteng
2001 K van Tonder Gauteng
2001 A Kotze Gauteng
2000 Marisca Gertenbach Gauteng
2000 Pieter Ben Pienaar Gauteng
2000 Hannes Dreyer Gauteng
2000 Morne Kloppers Gauteng
2000 Rudolf Kleinhans Gauteng
2000 Ruan Zaaiman Gauteng
2000 Stella Swanepoel Gauteng
1999 Lisa de Villiers Gauteng
1999 Juanee Pekelharing Gauteng
1999 Nicolize Steyn Gauteng
1998 Lisa de Villiers Gauteng
1998 Juanee Pekelharing Gauteng
1998 Nicolize Steyn Gauteng
1997 Nadia Smit Transvaal
1997 Gerhard Coetzee Transvaal
1997 Kobus Verster Transvaal
1997 Johan Jv Rensburg Transvaal
1997 Nicolize Steyn Transvaal
1994 Dirk Brits Transvaal
1994 Nicole Steyn Transvaal
1993 Elane Combrink Transvaal
1993 Nadia Smit Transvaal
1993 M Brits Transvaal
1993 Elane Combrink Transvaal
1990 A Alberts Transvaal
1990 H Booysen Transvaal
1990 Y Ludick Transvaal
1986 L Steyn Transvaal
1982 N Retief Transvaal
1980 Kevin Joubert Transvaal
1980 Christo Potgieter Transvaal
1978 George Potgieter Southern Transvaal
1978 Pierre Oelofse Southern Transvaal
1977 Michael Bate Southern Transvaal
1977 George Potgieter Southern Transvaal
1977 Frikkie Benecke Southern Transvaal
1975 Lilian Els Southern Transvaal
1975 Michael Bate Southern Transvaal
1974 Estelle Bredenhan Southern Transvaal
1968 A Botha Southern Transvaal
1967 M Schhoeman Southern Transvaal
1964 Dawid Steenkamp Southern Transvaal
1963 Dawid Steenkamp Southern Transvaal


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