Under the provisions of Section 40 of the South African School Act 1996, a parent is liable to pay school fees as determined by a resolution adopted by the majority of parents at our general meeting.

Under provisions of section 30 (3) of the Act, the Governing Body must implement this resolution. Under the provisions of section 41 of the Act, The Governing Body may, by process of law, enforce the payment of fees by parents who are liable to pay. In accordance with the act, a parent’s meeting with the Governing Body is held annually for approval of the budget and school fees for the following year.

A parent/guardian is liable to pay the school fees determined in terms of section 39 unless or to the extent that he or she has been exempted from payment in terms of the Act.
It is charged monthly, and the account will be mailed or e-mailed. You are obliged to make sure that you receive your statement. If for some reason, you did not receive it, it does not mean that the fees are not owed.

Resolution1: The budget for 2022, as a table, which reflects the estimated cumulative effect of established trends of non-payment and the total, partial or conditional exemption likely to be granted to parents in terms of the Regulations, is approved.

Resolution 1

School fees

A discount will be applicable if one of the following two options are utilised:
It is resolved that School fees of R31 775 be paid:

  • In full by 15 March 2021, in which case a discount of R2 320 will be granted.
  • In full by 31 March 2022, in which case a discount of R2 320 will be granted; OR
  • Discount of R2 131 if you swipe your debit card on the AEDO system before
    31 January 2022
  • Enige gelde ontvang (bv. toer gelde) van ‘n ouer/leerder sal eers tot skoolgelde geallokeer word
  • In die geval van die matriekafskeid moet leerders se skoolfonds betaal wees, of reëlings getref word met die Finansiële kantoor voordat ‘n leerder dit mag bywoon. Dit is addisioneel tot die vereiste dat matriekafskeidgelde nie deel van die skoolfonds is nie.
  • In geval van nie-betaling van skoolfonds sal die skool regsaksie neem teen beide ouers ongeag enige onderhoud of hofbevel wat daar tussen ouers mag bestaan.
  • In terme van Artikel 39 van die SA- Skolewet is beide ouers verantwoordelik vir die betaling van die verpligte skoolfonds. Die huwelikstatus het geen invloed daarop nie.
  • In terme van Artikel 40 en 41 van die SA- Skolewet mag die skool die betaling van verpligte skoolfonds afdwing.
  • Neem kennis dat kragtens Art 41(5)(a) van die Skolewet fooie binne 3(drie) maande na ontvangs van ‘n eisbrief vereffen moet word.

Opsie 1: – Eenmalige betaling

  • Indien u voor of op 31 Maart 2022 betaal (kontant, tjek of kredietkaart)
  • Totale skoolgeld vir 2022                                                                     R31 775
  • Eerste betaling (Betaalbaar op 7 Desember 2021)                           R 3 200
  • Balans betaalbaar voor 31 Maart 2022                                              R26 255
  • Minus afslag                                                                                         R 2 320
  • TOTAAL                                                                                                 R29 455

Opsie 2: – Betaling deur middel van ‘n AEDO-debietorder:

  • Eerste betaling (Betaalbaar op 7 Desember 2021)                            R 3 200
  • Minus korting                                                                                       R 2 131
  • Vaste debietorder per maand oor 11 maande Jan-Nov 2022           R 2 404
  • TOTAAL (Ipv R31 775)                                                                         R29 644

indien u debietorder as onbetaald terugkom, verbeur u die korting

School fees if you do not use option 1 or 2

First payment (already payable on 7 December 2022)                        R 3 200
Amount over 12 months per month                                                      R 2 381
Sub Total for 12 months                                                                          R28 575
Total school fees                                                                                     R31 775

Resolution 2

Method of payment:

A monthly amount of R2 381-00 is payable if you use one of the following methods:

Electronic Bank Transfer, Cash, Credit Card or Debit

  •  Using one of the discount options will bring you significant savings.
  • Our parent community is encouraged to take advantage of the above discount.
  • If a student who enrolled in 2021 does not show up for school in 2022, the parents can apply in writing for the reimbursement of the first payment made. Debit orders will be effected monthly on the day requested by parents.

Resolution 3

It is resolved that

  • The criteria for the total, partial or conditional exemption of parents, who are unable to pay compulsory school fees, be determined in accordance with the criteria set out in The Exemption of Parents from School Fees Regulations (as amended in Government Gazette 39392 of 17 November 2006)
  • It is resolved that the following procedures will apply:
  • The first payment of R3 200 must be paid before an application will be provided. A parent who wishes to be exempted from the payment of school fees for a child at Marais Viljoen High School shall apply annually in writing by completing the relevant forms provided by the school and returning the forms on or before 28 February 2022.
  • The Governing Body will evaluate each application by applying the relevant legislation and regulations before granting or declining an application.
  • Aansoekers sal skriftelik in kennis deur die Beheerliggam gestel word van die uitslag van die aansoek binne 30 dae nadat die aansoek ingedien is, op voorwaarde dat alle relevante dokumentasie saam met die aansoek ingedien was.
  • Die vrystellingsbedrag word bereken op beide ouers se bruto inkomste, winste op beleggings en besigheidstransaksies.
  • Pleegouers kry outomaties vrystelling en moet net die nodige stawende dokumente voorlê, maar kan ‘n vrywillige bydrae maak.
  • Daar moet jaarliks heraansoek gedoen word.

Ouers is gesamentlik aanspreeklik vir die betaling van skoolgeld.
Reelings in enige egskeidingsbevel bind nie die skool nie aangesien die verpligting om skoolgeld te betaal ‘n statutere verpligting is wat uit artikel 40(1) van die Suid-Afrikaanse Skolewet, Wet No. 84 van 1996 spruit.

Elke ouer is dus aanspreeklik vir sy/haar gedeelte van die skoolgeld.
(MS v Head of Department, Western Cape Education Department 2017 (4) SA 456 (WCC) & Head of Department, Western Cape Education Department v Saffer 2018 (2) SA 418 (SCA)).

Geskeide ouers wat dus slegs vir hulle helfte van die skoolgeld aanspreeklik is moet hulle egskeidingsbevel aan die skool voorlê, sodat hulle slegs vir 50% gefaktureer word. Weduwees en wewenaars is aanspreeklik vir die volle skoolgeld maar kan wel aansoek doen vir ‘n subsidie, en indien hulle, weens hulle finansiele posisie, kwalifiseer, kan ‘n subsidie toegestaan word.

    Resolution 4

    It is resolved that:
    The SGB be authorized to make payments to state-employed members of staff in terms of Section 38A of SASA.
    That the sum of R2 519 736 allocated towards Section 38A payments as reflected in the budget
    as tabled, be approved.

    Resolution 5

    It is resolved that the following schedules, which are attached as addenda to the budget, be accepted:

    • The Schedule of official activities of the school as per the schedule titled “Pursuits which are part of the School Programme” (see attached list)
    • The list of items/actions which fall outside of the school programme. (see attached list)
    • The financial office’s hours for 2022 during school terms:
      07:00-15:00 Monday – Thursday and Friday 07:00-14:00

    Banking Details:

    Marais Viljoen High School / Technical High School – ABSA
    Cheque Account 210510990
    Alberton Branch 631142
    Reference: Surname, name/action (i.e. school fees, netball…)


    2022's Resolution

    2022's Resolusies


    • Voluntary i.e. physical activities, gym etc
    • Matric Breakfast, Matric and other dances/socials i.e. matric farewell and the like.
    • Awards/achievers teas, dinners or braais, RCL/Leadership Camps.
    • All Sports and other tours to any event or other provinces or countries.
    • Any activities which require out-of-home sleepover (other than curricular excursions/camps).
    • Entry for Olympiads, Eisteddfods, Orators etc (individual entries), Game or similar exercises on finance and economics and the like.
    • Personal needs for expensive equipment-based clubs or societies: e.g. equestrian etc.
    • All personal items of uniform and sports kit: e.g. rugby jersey, hockey or netball shirt and/or skirt, boots or running shoes, any equipment, gymnastics or equestrian-related needs.
    • All personal items of LTSM not provided by the education dept: e.g. own pen, atlas, textbooks, stationery, dictionary, flash drive, raw material for technical projects, and extra textbooks.
    • Transport to any extra mural activities i.e. sports events, cultural activities and academic events, camps, tours, and any special capital projects.
    • School clothes, sports clothes and revue, choir clothes and any other fees involved.
    • Any extra classes, extra coaching of any sporting event.
    • All activities (e.g. Sport, cultural or academic) offered by the school are for the parents own account

    Academic pursuits which are part of the school programme:


    • Technology
    • Engineering Graphics and Design
    • Agricultural Technology
    • Mechanical Technology
    • Electrical Technology

     Economic Sciences

    • Accounting
    • Economics
    • EMS
    • Business Studies

     Life Skills

    • Life Orientation

     Mathematical Sciences

    • Mathematics
    • Mathematical Literacy
    • Technical Mathematics (only grade 12)

     Computer Sciences

    • IT
    • Computer Application and Technology


    • English Home and Additional Language
    • Afrikaans Huis-en Eerste Addisionele Taal

     Physical, Natural and Life Sciences

    • Physical Sciences
    • Natural Sciences
    • Life Sciences
    • Technical Sciences (only grade 12)

     Human Sciences

    • Geography
    • Social Sciences
    • Religion studies
    • Tourism


    • Creative Arts
    • Visual Art (Optional and for own account)

    Extra-curricular pursuits which are part of the school programme:

    Physical Pursuits

    • Athletics
    • Chess
    • Cricket
    • Cross Country
    • Equestrian
    • Golf
    •  Gymnastics
    • Hockey (boys and girls)
    • Netball
    • Rugby
    • Swimming
    • Tennis

    Cultural Pursuits

    • Academic enrichment societies (e.g. orators)
    • Revue
    • Choir
    • Orators
    • Outreach and Community Service

    All activities (e.g. sport, cultural or academic) offered by the school is for the parent’s own account