Hockey / Hokkie

Boys Hockey / Hokkie Seuns

At Marais Viljoen we are proud to have 4 boys teams that participates in the premier league of Eastern Gauteng and 1 team that participates in the 2nd Division. This allows roughly 75 learners the opportunity to participate at a competitive level, we are proud to say that we have more boys playing here than at most
other schools.

Towards the end of the year we partake in the indoor league of Eastern Gauteng in order to develop extra skills as this is a different type of hockey.

Throughout the year we participate in various prestigious tournaments namely the PUK series, Aitken cup and Boden cup to showcase the talents and dedication of the boys.

Our coaching staff is as follows:

Team Coach
14AMr E. Du Toit
Mr J. Butler
16BMr N. Pieterse
16AMr. J Potgieter
2ndMr N. Young
1stMrs S. Van der Lith
Mr. W.J. Hollander


Girls Hockey / Hokkie Dogters

Marais Viljoen High School has 8 girl teams that provided 128 learners the opportunity to participate in this fast growing sport.
Ons het ʼn baie besige en n sukesvolle hokkieseisoen agter die rug. Ons dogters spanne het verseker hulle teenwoordigheid op die veld laat voel, deur om verskeie ligas hierdie seisoen te wen. Marais Viljoen se hokkie is besig om met reuse treë te groei en ons kan met trots
aankondig dat Marais Viljoenhokkie nou met van die beste skole suksesvol kompiteer.

This year Marais Viljoen competed in the NWU prestige series, Eastern Gauteng League, Pullen-Howell Series, and North of the Vaal tournament.

Two of our teams the u/15A and u/16A, qualified to play at the North of the Vaal

NWU Prestige Sport Series

  • 8 Teams top 10 position
  • u/16A silver medal winners

Eastern Gauteng League

  • 8 Teams in top 6 position
  • u/15 A runners up
  • u/16B League winners
  • u/16A League winners

North of the Vaal Tournament

  • u/15A 7th Place overall
  • u/16A 5th Place overall


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