Life orientation / Lewensorientering


Life Orientation

Departementshoof / Head of Department: Mnr. F. Erasmus
  • Knowledge that is integrated within theory, skills and values.
  • Outcomes are defined on very broad terms and are practical.


  • Om leerders in staat te stel om hul konstitusionele regte en verantwoordelikhede te beoefen.
  • Ander se regte te respekteer.
  • Diversiteit en algemene welstand te waardeer.
  • ‘n Betekenisvolle rol in die gemeenskap en ekonomie te speel.
  • Identify the links between cultural practice, power and cultural dominance;
  • Analyse the effects of time on culture and the Arts; and
  • Understand how the Arts express, extend and challenge culture in unique ways.

The approach towards the Arts in this Learning Area Statement moves from a broad experience involving several art forms within diverse cultural context, towards increasing depth of knowledge and skill by grades 8 and 9. There is recognition of both the integrity of discrete art forms and the value of integrated learning experiences. The Learning Area Statement strives towards creating a balance between developing generic knowledge about Arts and Culture, and developing specific knowledge and skills in each of the art forms.

Learning Outcomes

  • Personal well-being : The learner is able to achieve and maintain personal well-being.
  • Citizenship : The learner is able to understand and appreciate values and rights of our constitution, leading him/her to become a responsible citizen and to promote social justice and life in a sustainable environment.
  • Recreation and physical well-being : The learner gets the opportunity to investigate recreational and physical activities in a responsible manner and to participate in such activities to enhance physical well-being.
  • Careers and career choices : The learner has self-knowledge and the ability to make informed decisions regarding further studies, career opportunities and career planning.


  • Bywoning is verpligtend vir alle leerders van graad 8 – 12.
  • Leerders moet Gr 12 – LO slaag alvorens ‘n matrieksertifikaat verwerf kan word.
  • Leerders moet ‘n minimum van 60% vir LO behaal om universiteitstoelating te verwerf.

Career Possibilities

Psychologist, pastor, teacher, counsellor.



  • Onderskeidings: 49
  • 100% Slaagsyfer


  • Onderskeidings: 83
  • 100% Slaagsyfer


  • Onderskeidings: 70
  • 100% Slaagsyfer


  • Onderskeidings: 78
  • 100% Slaagsyfer


  • Onderskeidings: 97
  • 100% Slaagsyfer


  • Onderskeidings: 94
  • 100% Slaagsyfer


  • Onderskeidings: 99
  • 100% Slaagsyfer


  • Onderskeidings: 47
  • 100% Slaagsyfer