Tourism / Toerisme



Departementshoof / Head of Department: Mnr. P. Els
Personeel: F. Roos; K. Kruger; R. Woest


Prakties en teoreties. Portefeuljewerk wat ‘n praktiese komponent insluit.


The subject covers all the components of tourism:

  • the role of players in the industry;
  • research on career opportunities;
  • responsibility.

Tourism as an interrelated system with all the components of tourism, the role players in the tourism industry and research on career opportunities; responsible and sustainable tourism; community involvement and marketing; tourism geography; attractions and travel trends as well as customer care and communication.

The Following Topics Are Covered From Grade 10 – 12:

  • Tourism as an inter-related system
  • Eco-tourism
  • Distribution of tourism
  • Tour planning and Map work
  • Time zones
  • Exchange rates
  • Service quality
  • Communication technology and Customer care
  • Local, Regional and International Tourism
  • Tourism Attractions
  • Tourism Marketing
  • Sustainable and Responsible tourism

Sustainable and Responsible tourism

Toeristegids, toeroperateur, bestuur in die gasvryheidsbedryf, ontspanningsbedryf, bewaring- en ekotoerisme, sport- en rekreasiebestuur, avontuurtoerismebedryf.


100% Slaag vir graad 12 vanaf 2008 tot huidig.