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Hoof van Sportkode/ Head of Sport code: Ryno Luus

Marais Viljoen Rugby Culture

Mission: Marais Viljoen has a mission to create a balanced environment for everybody that plays rugby
within in its structures. To develop and enhance the skills of every player through dedicated attention both
on and off the field.

Vision: To create a culture of rugby that can prepare every player to play at the highest level in his career

Introduction: Marais Viljoen Rugby has established a plan to insure that its mission and vision is achieved.
The plan is based on a step up method creating a certain ethos amongst its piers that ultimately results in
representing the school at the highest level and preparing the player for the bigger rugby stage.

In every age group the player will learn a certain skill set and be able to master a playing pattern. These
patterns will be become more complex as the age groups gets higher. The overall pattern will form part of
the Marais Viljoen style of rugby. The player will learn to work with various coaches during his career at
Marais Viljoen. Coaches will be carefully selected to work with certain age groups and they will remain at
such an age group every year insuring that they transfer the same knowledge for future groups to come.
These coaching placements will be reviewed from time to time to insure that the best coaches are available
to develop rugby talent.

All players will be developed both physically and mentally and certain levels of fitness and strength has been
identified for each age group according to standards applied by selection of provincial teams to insure that
Marais Viljoen players will not only excel with the ability to play rugby but be at a level that could see them
play in provincial and national structures.

The ability to play sport and more specific rugby is a God given talent and our focus is to enhance that to the
best of our ability at Marais Viljoen rugby.

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